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Azar Farooq holds a Sixth Dan Black Belt WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations). All classes are held in a friendly environment with expert tuition. Through the help of learning disciple through Kickboxing martial arts your child can develop their confidence in as little as ten weeks. Your children will be learning Kickboxing from a World […]

Kickboxing- Beginner Guide

Kickboxing more than a martial art for self defense, is one great fat burning cardio work out that also promotes increase in stamina, fitness coordination, flexibility, discipline and confidence. There are classes and trainings that are well guided and safe for beginners for kids and adults. But before you start taking the challenge here are […]

The Unstoppable Kids of Azar Farooq

The Unstoppable Kids of Azar Farooq Kickboxing Every parent dreams of success and happiness for their children. It is never too late to teach them the value of hard work, patience, enduring challenges and to instil value into what they do, in what they will learn, and in what they can become. Living is not […]


The Development of Kickboxing   If there’s a martial that evolved from other various martial arts and is garnering raves for its many purposes, kickboxing would be that specific sport. This martial art is a fusion of various other fighting styles such as boxing, muay thai and karate. It is entirely made up of a […]


Understanding Mixed Martial Arts   Mixed martial arts or more popularly known as MMA is exactly as it sounds. It is a combative sport consisting of various techniques taken from different forms of martial arts. Those different sets of techniques are then taken as the fighter’s own as his skills are sharpened and improved through […]